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Created February 4, 2019 16:03
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Turing.jl Tutorial on Bayesian Linear Regression
using Turing, Distributions
# Import RDatasets.
using RDatasets
# Import MCMCChain, Plots, and StatPlots for visualizations and diagnostics.
using MCMCChain, Plots, StatPlots
# MLDataUtils provides a sample splitting tool that's very handy.
using MLDataUtils
# Set a seed for reproducibility.
using Random
# Hide the progress prompt while sampling.
# Import the "Default" dataset.
data = RDatasets.dataset("datasets", "mtcars");
# Show the first six rows of the dataset.
head(data, 6)
# Split our dataset 70%/30% into training/test sets.
train, test = MLDataUtils.splitobs(data, at = 0.7);
# Save dataframe versions of our dataset.
train_cut = DataFrame(train)
test_cut = DataFrame(test)
# Create our labels. These are the values we are trying to predict.
train_label = train[:, :MPG]
test_label = test[:, :MPG]
# Get the list of columns to keep.
remove_names = filter(x->!in(x, [:MPG, :Model]), names(data))
# Filter the test and train sets.
train = Matrix(train[:,remove_names]);
test = Matrix(test[:,remove_names]);
# A handy helper function to rescale our dataset.
function standardize(x)
return (x .- mean(x, dims=1)) ./ std(x, dims=1), x
# Another helper function to unstandardize our datasets.
function unstandardize(x, orig)
return x .* std(orig, dims=1) .+ mean(orig, dims=1)
# Standardize our dataset.
(train, train_orig) = standardize(train)
(test, test_orig) = standardize(test)
(train_label, train_l_orig) = standardize(train_label)
(test_label, test_l_orig) = standardize(test_label);
# Bayesian linear regression.
@model linear_regression(x, y, n_obs, n_vars) = begin
# Set variance prior.
σ₂ ~ TruncatedNormal(0,100, 0, Inf)
# Set intercept prior.
intercept ~ Normal(0, 3)
# Set the priors on our coefficients.
coefficients = Array{Real}(undef, n_vars)
coefficients ~ [Normal(0, 10)]
# Calculate all the mu terms.
mu = intercept .+ x * coefficients
for i = 1:n_obs
y[i] ~ Normal(mu[i], σ₂)
n_obs, n_vars = size(train)
model = linear_regression(train, train_label, n_obs, n_vars)
chain = sample(model, NUTS(1500, 200, 0.65));
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