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PowerShell v5 Undocumented Features List
Note: Following features are tested on Windows 10 Preview Build 10074 environment


Windows 10 Preview contains PSReadLine module at "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsPowerShell\Modules" (WMF 5.0 Preview don't contain this modules)

PSReadLine is automatically loaded when PSConsoleHost launched(if available). This feature can be controlled by following command.

[Microsoft.PowerShell.ConsoleShell]::UsePSReadline = $false


Windows 10 Preview contains Pester module at "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsPowerShell\Modules" (WMF 5.0 Preview don't contain this modules)


TabExpansion++ features seems to be included PowerShell core.



using namespace


ETW management Cmdlets

Microsoft Event Tracing Management Cmdlets:

These Cmdlets will be available only Windows 10 or lator OS (because it use underlying CIM APIs


Remote File Copy

Copy-Item has new parameters -ToSession/-FromSession It transfer binary via PSRemoting using Base64 encoding. (It is relatively slow)

PowerShell ISE remote file edit feature use similar mechanism.


PowerShell remoting over VM Bus

Enter-PSSession has new ParameterSets VmId/VMName for Hyper-V VM.

PnpDevice Module

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