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extract from database, the 9 rows with (P2P currency, P2P economy), can be doubleclick imported into LibreOffice (Separated by comma, text delimiter ")
Name Description Homepage Social networks accounts E-mail Contact page Organisation Type Physical address Legal entity Year of foundation Language(s) of the platform Phone Keywords Type of activity The most important type of collaboration Type of common resource resulting User generated content license Other information Scope Posted by Nid
Ethereum Ethereum is a next-generation distributed cryptographic ledger that is designed to allow users to encode advanced transaction types, and decentralized applications into the blockchain. As opposed to Bitcoin and other derivative crypto-currencies, Ethereum features an internal Turing-complete scripting language, which a programmer can use to construct any smart contract or transaction type that can be mathematically defined. This allows for the deployment of Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO): decentralized applications running on the blockchain that can charge customers for their services and that pay for the resources they need (like cpu and bandwidth) with shares of their own company stock.,,, Business Switzerland for profit organization 01/01/13 00:00 English cryptocurrency, smart contracts, distributed autonomous organisations P2P currency Other Resource, Service, Internet protocol Copyright International pfilippi 487
berkshares BerkShares is a local currency that circulates in The Berkshires region of Massachusetts. It was launched on September 29, 2006[1] by BerkShares Inc., with research and development assistance from the New Economics Institute. The BerkShares website lists over 370 businesses in Berkshire County that accept the currency.[2] In 30 months, 2.2 million BerkShares have been issued from 12 branch offices of five local banks.[3] The bills were designed by John Isaacs[4] and are printed by Excelsior Printing on special paper with incorporated security features from Crane & Co..[5] BerkShares are pegged with an exchange rate to the US dollar, but Nick Kacher of the New Economics Institute has discussed the possibility of pegging its value to a basket of local goods in order to insulate the local economy against volatility in the US economy.[6] for profit organization 01/01/06 00:00 English P2P currency Other Service No license Local karthik 462
La Morada la Morada is a Self-managed Squat Social Center of Madrid. It host different projects, workshops, assemblies and activist groups. Grass Roots Organization Or Community Network C/ Casarrubuelos nº5Madrid MadridSpain other 01/01/12 00:00 Spanish squat, social center, grass roots organization, culture P2P currency Space Resource No license Local atenorio 452
Freicoin Although mining is necessary for security, it consumes real world resources and it is not necessary to issue 100% of the total initial monetary base through mining in order to secure the network. The Freicoin Foundation will issue 80% of the initial monetary base to prevent this wasteful issuance (that maximizes the costs of production to minimize seigniorage) and to experiment with new issuance mechanisms. The goal is to distribute the 80 million FRC before 2016. After this 3 year period the monetary base will remain stable at 100 million FRC and the 5% demurrage will be distributed p2p. This 3 year timeframe is a compromise between the foundation as a tool to bootstrap the currency and the need of an eventual removal of the issuance role of the foundation in order for the currency to become purely p2p. That means the annual 5% will go in full to miners if no alternative has been found. The challenge is to design schemes in which the foundation doesn't have much control over the final issuance decisions while at the same time it can ensure transparency and that funds aren't issued against the foundation's principles. If a fully p2p issuance mechanism alternative to mining is found, a mechanism (for example, proof-of-stake voting) could be established to determine how much goes to security (miners) and how much to the alternative.,, Grass Roots Organization Or Community Network other 01/01/14 00:00 English cryptocurrency money bitcoin P2P currency Exchange Resource, Others Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) International JorgeLuisSalcedo 350
The FairCoin All current cryptocurrencies require you to buy the coins, either through mining or through exchanges. This gives the advantage to those who already have capital and mining equipment, and can afford risky investments. FairCoin is the first project where the coins are not bought but rather distributed equally between everyone who wants them regardless of their current financial status, and promotes equality. FairCoin is a crypto currency like Bitcoin. It is a descendant of Peercoin, meaning the block generation is done by PoW/PoS hybrid. FairCoin is a decentralised virtual currency, distributed through a vast airdrop process during the 6th and 8th of March, 2014 (view airdrop statistics). An approximate 49,750 addresses were logged for the giveaway, each able to claim 1000 FAIR per hour. Automated airdrop claiming methods had no effect, as each IP address could register once per hour, and 2 different captchas had to be solved. These security precautions were hidden till the day of distribution. FairCoin's vast distribution method allowed a good portion of the cryptocurrency community to claim a little bit of the 50,000,000 FairCoins, each. Grass Roots Organization Or Community Network other 01/01/14 00:00 English p2p, cryptocurrency P2P economy Collage Resource Other International David Rozas 529 is an open platform that facilitates and encourages user-initiated projects on parallel economies. This timebank is started in the Netherlands, in different cities and later other European cities, such as Lisbon, have joined the platform. The public part of the website is made with WordPress with the theme Custom-Community by Themecraft. The event calendar is by Modern Tribe (thanks for being part of their Non-Profits partnership program). The banking software used by Timebank is the open source version of Cyclos 3, developed by STRO. In 2013 an association was set up to continue the consolidation of Grass Roots Organization Or Community Network Netherlands not for profit organization 01/01/13 00:00 English each city has its own organisation and contact details cyclos, timebank, social currency, social market P2P economy Exchange Service No license I (Wouter) have been in touch with Ronald Huynen about their initiative. Local wtebbens 475
Moneda DEMOS Demos es una moneda social alternativa al euro que funciona a través de Demos 3 pasos: 1 Cobras. Recibes automáticamente un sueldo mensual en Demos con una compensación o penalización según tus aportaciones a otros usuarios. 2 Comercias. Compras y vendes con otras personas a través de transferencias realizadas en la web. 3 Cooperas. Antes de recibir tu nuevo sueldo, se cobra automáticamente un porcentaje de impuesto sobre tu saldo. Idea original por: Miguel ÿngel Figueroa ( @mianfiga),,, Social Enterprise Charity Or Foundation CalleMayorazgo 2835009 Las Palmas Gran CanariaSpain not for profit organization 01/01/13 00:00 Spanish basic income, social currency, social market P2P economy Building collective process Resource, Service No license While the software used to build the DEMOS platform is in the BSD licensed Yii Framework, the adapted framework, i.e. the code for DEMOS, itself doesn't seem to be published. The legal entity is the association "Asociación Social Comunitaria Demos", constituted september 2013. National wtebbens 448 is a website where people give free gifts and seek for second hand furniture, chairs, sofas, bicycles, laptops, tables, stoves, lamps, beds, clothes, toys, baby cribs or cars, mobile phones and other any things you no longer want and do not need, so people who may need them can reuse them and give them a new life., Grass Roots Organization Or Community Network other 01/01/10 00:00 Spanish gifts, free P2P economy Physical resource Service No license National atd 340
Bitcoin Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency introduced as open source software in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a cryptocurrency, so-called because it uses cryptography to control the creation and transfer of money Grass Roots Organization Or Community Network United Kingdom other 01/01/09 00:00 English p2p, cryptocurrency P2P economy Collage Resource Other International pfilippi 244
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