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Created May 12, 2012 18:22
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Installing FRUA unofficial patch 1.3c

FRUA unofficial 1.3c patch

In addition to great Jaesun's FRUA guide, unofficial patch 1.3 (among other changes) removes copy protection that is enabled in 1.2 in some modules (e.g. Harri Polsa's "Jade" ones).

  • get 1.3c patch from rosedragon archive
  • copy diff.tbl into tutorial.dsn in your FRUA directory
  • start UAShell and apply tutorial.dsn
  • close and exit UAShell
  • delete the default.dsn directory
  • start UAShell (it will copy the new files into default.dsn as the standard setup)
  • apply a different design and check it has "version 1.3c" on the main page
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