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-q "query" - Search term
-p 1 - <optional> number of pages to scrape (50 results per page)
-r playlist,channel - <optional> recursively extract videos from channels or playlists, default is off (be careful some channels / playlists may have thousands of videos, api is slow to process all)
--headers true - print with headers or not (false value)
prints to console itself:
python -q "async await" -p 1 -r playlist --headers false
View TimeCircles 1.5.3.js
* Basic structure: TC_Class is the public class that is returned upon being called
* So, if you do
* var tc = $(".timer").TimeCircles();
* tc will contain an instance of the public TimeCircles class. It is important to
* note that TimeCircles is not chained in the conventional way, check the
* documentation for more info on how TimeCircles can be chained.