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Ruby Golf
# Written against Ruby 1.9.2
# Hole #1: FizzBuzz
# I accidentally saw Cyrus's solution before trying my own, so no attempt
# Hole #2: Caesar Cipher
# Works only for `[a-zA-Z]*`
def caesar(f,x){|c|t=c.ord+x;(t-1)&31>25&&t+=x<0?26:-26;t.chr}*''
# Hole #3: String Counter
def count(f,s)
# Hole #4: Rock-Paper-Scissors
# Anyone know why I can't remove the space before the first `?`?
def play(f)
m=%w(Rock Paper Scissors);c,h=rand(3),m.index(f);m[c]+','+(h==c ?'Draw':(!h||h!=(c+1)%3?'Lose':'Win'))
# Hole #5: Swingers
# For a trivial (non-random) solution, remove `s.shuffle!;`
def swingers(s)
puts caesar("hello", 3)
puts caesar("khoor", -3)
puts caesar("abcxyz", 1)
puts caesar("abcxyz", -1)
puts count("banana", "a")
puts count("RubySource provides advice, tutorials, commentary, and insight into the Ruby and Rails ecosystem","ruby")
puts swingers([["Homer","Marge"],["Micky","Minnie"],["Fred","Wilma"],["Peter","Lois"],["George","Judy"]]).inspect
puts play("Rock")
puts play("Paper")
puts play("Scissors")
puts play("Soap")

cookrn commented Nov 26, 2011

I had trouble with the ternary operators as well re: your comment on L18. I believe the interpreter is looking for a variable/function called c? at that point since ?s are valid chars for those. Nice work! Mine are here.


amadanmath commented Nov 26, 2011

Oh, you're right! Welp, one mystery solved. Even nicer work - mine aren't as tight!

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