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Ruby Golf
# Written against Ruby 1.9.2
# Hole #1: FizzBuzz
# I accidentally saw Cyrus's solution before trying my own, so no attempt
# Hole #2: Caesar Cipher
# Works only for `[a-zA-Z]*`
def caesar(f,x){|c|t=c.ord+x;(t-1)&31>25&&t+=x<0?26:-26;t.chr}*''
# Hole #3: String Counter
def count(f,s)
# Hole #4: Rock-Paper-Scissors
# Anyone know why I can't remove the space before the first `?`?
def play(f)
m=%w(Rock Paper Scissors);c,h=rand(3),m.index(f);m[c]+','+(h==c ?'Draw':(!h||h!=(c+1)%3?'Lose':'Win'))
# Hole #5: Swingers
# For a trivial (non-random) solution, remove `s.shuffle!;`
def swingers(s)
puts caesar("hello", 3)
puts caesar("khoor", -3)
puts caesar("abcxyz", 1)
puts caesar("abcxyz", -1)
puts count("banana", "a")
puts count("RubySource provides advice, tutorials, commentary, and insight into the Ruby and Rails ecosystem","ruby")
puts swingers([["Homer","Marge"],["Micky","Minnie"],["Fred","Wilma"],["Peter","Lois"],["George","Judy"]]).inspect
puts play("Rock")
puts play("Paper")
puts play("Scissors")
puts play("Soap")
cookrn commented Nov 26, 2011

I had trouble with the ternary operators as well re: your comment on L18. I believe the interpreter is looking for a variable/function called c? at that point since ?s are valid chars for those. Nice work! Mine are here.


Oh, you're right! Welp, one mystery solved. Even nicer work - mine aren't as tight!

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