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Last active Dec 8, 2016

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Search TODOs

Quickly off the top of my head, these are the things that could use improvement. There are probably things I am forgetting and feedback from internal people as well that I am forgetting or has yet to be mentioned to me.

Jake Priority

  • AB Testing requirements
  • Backend support for
    • has:link
    • fileName:
    • linkFrom:
    • Any other missing APIs

High Priority

  • Click region for clearing search should be larger - wrap the eyeglass div
  • Polish Search Failure(error) and Search Indexing views
  • Re-do the search if still indexing with some sort of retry and falloff
  • Support mention: API
  • Review results query generation - simplify, modularize

Medium Priority

  • Large Server User Query optimizations
  • As of now, searching from: is super laggy on large servers like Overwatch. I need to try out some optimization ideas
  • Look into potential performance implications of the render refactor of Channel.js
  • Improve expand/contract message context animation
  • Fix search autocomplate animation popin/out and positioning
  • Refine generic autocomplete and suggestions
  • Go over implementation with Mike for design fine-tuning
    • For example, improving the design of the search results:
      • Improve highlighting of the hit message
    • Fix embedded asset resizing in search results - they tend to bleed off, I believe this is actually an external result from Embed changes that happened recently?
    • I think the message Jump button could be improved - or removed all together and instead replaced as the expand/collapse button, and clicking the message would jump to it? We could even probably support clicking of the context messages to jump to those instead?
  • Rework spinner completely to be much nicer?
    • I actually have some ideas using the actual search box itself as an indicator for loading results
  • Work in any other feedback from the company internally

Low Priority

  • Add Yesterday / Today for date autocompletes
  • Make before:March example clickable?
  • Remove global click covers for search results, so search results can be interacted with.
    • Perhaps we can do it such that once some results are expanded, they can never be closed again? That way we could improve functionality within them
  • Remove pagination completely and iterate on a type of infinite scroll?
  • Refactor keyboard shortcut CSS buttons
    • Return/Enter should be PC type localized (MAC vs PC)

Non Priority - Nice to have (Stan said no worries)

  • Support usernames that contain the following chars: @#:
    • I have some ideas for this - but it may not be a cheap query
    • Improve QueryTokenizer to help in this process
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