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amandadebler / PowerShell Prompt.ps1
Last active March 12, 2019 22:28 — forked from fatherjack/PowerShell Prompt.ps1
Two-line prompt with last command execution time and tail of present working directory - modification of FatherJack's prompt, which was inspired by FriedrichWeinmann
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function Prompt {
try {
$history = Get-History -ErrorAction Ignore -Count 1
if ($history) {
$ts = New-TimeSpan $history.StartExecutionTime $history.EndExecutionTime
Write-Host "[" -NoNewline
switch ($ts) {
{$_.TotalSeconds -lt 1} {
[decimal]$d = $_.TotalMilliseconds
amandadebler / bamf_histograms
Last active January 26, 2019 14:06 — forked from ynux/bamf_histograms
English translation of landing page
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<p>On this page, we present the <a href="äftsstatistik/asylgeschaeftsstatistik-node.html">decision statistics of the BAMF</a> (Bundesagentur für Migration und Flüchtlinge - German federal agency for immigration and refugees) as histograms. They are supplemented monthly, at present most of them go through October. The new statistics should be published in the middle of the following month; the webpage is usually updated by the end of the month. Recent data and the numbers for countries from which fewer asylum seekers come can be found here: <a href="">Interactive Dashboard</a> .</p>
<p>For each country, we offer the link to the latest German national report from Amnesty International. The graphics for 2015 to 2016 can be found for most countries on <a href="">this page (German only)</a> &nbsp;</p>
<p><a href="#Afghanistan">Afghanistan</a> | <a href="#Syrien">Syr
amandadebler / BootlegPowerShellGet.psm1
Last active October 16, 2019 18:34 — forked from Jaykul/PowerShellGet.psm1
PowerShell Gallery Module - Bootleg Edition
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Forked from Gist, posted in response to my Twitter
whinge about PowerShellGet in the enterprise - Thank you, Joel Bennett!
This adds the ability to use a web proxy, using your current session's
credentials. Might add option to use other credentials, if there's demand.
It also adds a 'BL' (Bootleg) prefix to the nouns, just to prevent confusion with the "real"
cmdlets. Feel free to remove them.