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// Dependencies =========================
twit = require('twit'),
config = require('./config');
var Twitter = new twit(config);
// RETWEET BOT ==========================
// find latest tweet according the query 'q' in params
var retweet = function() {
var params = {
q: '#nodejs, #Nodejs', // REQUIRED
result_type: 'recent',
lang: 'en'
Twitter.get('search/tweets', params, function(err, data) {
// if there no errors
if (!err) {
// grab ID of tweet to retweet
var retweetId = data.statuses[0].id_str;
// Tell TWITTER to retweet'statuses/retweet/:id', {
id: retweetId
}, function(err, response) {
if (response) {
// if there was an error while tweeting
if (err) {
console.log('Something went wrong while RETWEETING... Duplication maybe...');
// if unable to Search a tweet
else {
console.log('Something went wrong while SEARCHING...');
// grab & retweet as soon as program is running...
// retweet in every 50 minutes
setInterval(retweet, 3000000);
// FAVORITE BOT====================
// find a random tweet and 'favorite' it
var favoriteTweet = function(){
var params = {
q: '#nodejs, #Nodejs', // REQUIRED
result_type: 'recent',
lang: 'en'
// find the tweet
Twitter.get('search/tweets', params, function(err,data){
// find tweets
var tweet = data.statuses;
var randomTweet = ranDom(tweet); // pick a random tweet
// if random tweet exists
if(typeof randomTweet != 'undefined'){
// Tell TWITTER to 'favorite''favorites/create', {id: randomTweet.id_str}, function(err, response){
// if there was an error while 'favorite'
console.log('CANNOT BE FAVORITE... Error');
console.log('FAVORITED... Success!!!');
// grab & 'favorite' as soon as program is running...
// 'favorite' a tweet in every 60 minutes
setInterval(favoriteTweet, 3600000);
// function to generate a random tweet tweet
function ranDom (arr) {
var index = Math.floor(Math.random()*arr.length);
return arr[index];
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santosh commented Jan 7, 2017

Hello @amandeepmittal,

I was developing a twitter bot myself. At one moment I was hung. I was thinking that what would I do if I want two separate things to do with same bot.

If I give an example of this code, what can I do to get a favoritePython() to do same thing for #python and #django?

How can I run both functions simultaneously with setInterval()?

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amandeepmittal commented Jan 8, 2017

@santosh JS is single threaded. You cannot execute multiple functions at the same time using same setInterval().

The above bot is doing separate things (is finding tweets to retweet & finding tweets to favorite them) but there are two setInterval() functions are used.

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FujiZer0 commented Jul 14, 2017

i am making a bot and how to make hes Commands and Command PREFIXES?

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FujiZer0 commented Jul 14, 2017

how to make my bot online

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hakan526 commented Jun 28, 2019


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