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text = "Enter Text to Summarize"
if text.count(". ") > 20:
length = int(round(text.count(". ")/10, 0))
length = 1
nopuch =[char for char in text if char not in string.punctuation]
nopuch = "".join(nopuch)
processed_text = [word for word in nopuch.split() if word.lower() not in nltk.corpus.stopwords.words('english')]
word_freq = {}
for word in processed_text:
if word not in word_freq:
word_freq[word] = 1
word_freq[word] = word_freq[word] + 1
max_freq = max(word_freq.values())
for word in word_freq.keys():
word_freq[word] = (word_freq[word]/max_freq)
sent_list = nltk.sent_tokenize(text)
sent_score = {}
for sent in sent_list:
for word in nltk.word_tokenize(sent.lower()):
if word in word_freq.keys():
if sent not in sent_score.keys():
sent_score[sent] = word_freq[word]
sent_score[sent] = sent_score[sent] + word_freq[word]
summary_sents = nlargest(length, sent_score, key=sent_score.get)
summary = " ".join(summary_sents)
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