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Created January 6, 2021 06:04
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life_expectancy.rename(columns = {" BMI " :"BMI",
"Life expectancy ": "Life_expectancy",
"Adult Mortality":"Adult_mortality",
"infant deaths":"Infant_deaths",
"percentage expenditure":"Percentage_expenditure",
"Hepatitis B":"HepatitisB",
"Measles ":"Measles",
"under-five deaths ": "Under_five_deaths",
"Total expenditure":"Total_expenditure",
"Diphtheria ": "Diphtheria",
" thinness 1-19 years":"Thinness_1-19_years",
" thinness 5-9 years":"Thinness_5-9_years",
"Income composition of resources":"Income_composition_of_resources"}, inplace = True)
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