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Created Sep 26, 2020
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from import RegressionEvaluator
from import ALS
from pyspark.sql import Row
lines ="TEXT_FILE.txt").rdd
parts = row: row.value.split("::"))
liked_data = p: Row(COLUMN_1, COLUMN_2, like=like)
liked_df = spark.createDataFrame(liked_data)
(training, test) = liked_df.randomSplit([0.75, 0.25])
als = ALS(maxIter=4, regParam=0.05, users="COLUMN_1", items="COLUMN_2", ratingCol="like",
model =
predictions = model.transform(test)
evaluator = RegressionEvaluator(metricName="rmse", labelCol="like",
rmse = evaluator.evaluate(predictions)
print("RMSE = " + str(rmse))
videoRecs = model.recommendForUsers(20)
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