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Created January 16, 2021 10:31
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names = []
phone_numbers = []
num = 3
for i in range(num):
name = input("Name: ")
phone_number = input("Phone Number: ") # for convert to int => int(input("Phone Number: "))
print("\nName\t\t\tPhone Number\n")
for i in range(num):
print("{}\t\t\t{}".format(names[i], phone_numbers[i]))
search_term = input("\nEnter search term: ")
print("Search result:")
if search_term in names:
index = names.index(search_term)
phone_number = phone_numbers[index]
print("Name: {}, Phone Number: {}".format(search_term, phone_number))
print("Name Not Found")
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