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Created February 8, 2021 09:52
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#Create Age segment
cut_labels_Age = ['Young', 'Adult', 'Mature', 'Senior']
cut_bins = [0, 30, 45, 65, 120]
data['Age_group'] = pd.cut(data['Age'], bins=cut_bins, labels=cut_labels_Age)
#Create Income segment
cut_labels_Income = ['Low income', 'Low to medium income', 'Medium to high income', 'High income']
data['Income_group'] = pd.qcut(data['Income'], q=4, labels=cut_labels_Income)
#Create Seniority segment
cut_labels_Seniority = ['New customers', 'Discovering customers', 'Experienced customers', 'Old customers']
data['Seniority_group'] = pd.qcut(data['Seniority'], q=4, labels=cut_labels_Seniority)
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