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Created November 23, 2020 06:41
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df_cd = pd.read_csv('city_day.csv')
df_ch = pd.read_csv('city_hour.csv')
df_sd = pd.read_csv('station_day.csv')
df_sh = pd.read_csv('station_hour.csv')
df_st = pd.read_csv('stations.csv')
df_temp = pd.read_csv('city_temperature.csv')
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Hi sir
I am facing some issues while using air quality index analysis code that you have hosted on ""
problems i am facing are:
1 . i am unable to found city_temperature.csv dataset
2. I am unable to found Latitude and Longitude in stations.csv dataset
3. unable to install
from kaggle_secrets import UserSecretsClient
user_secrets = UserSecretsClient()
secret_value_0 = user_secrets.get_secret("gmaps")
secret_value_1 = user_secrets.get_secret("mapboxtoken")
gmaps = googlemaps.Client(key=secret_value_0)
could you please help me sir
my mail id is : sir

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