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Easy Digital Downloads - make terms show by default
function sumobi_edd_terms_agreement() {
global $edd_options;
if ( isset( $edd_options['show_agree_to_terms'] ) ) {
<fieldset id="edd_terms_agreement">
<div id="edd_terms">
do_action( 'edd_before_terms' );
echo wpautop( stripslashes( $edd_options['agree_text'] ) );
do_action( 'edd_after_terms' );
<label for="edd_agree_to_terms"><?php echo isset( $edd_options['agree_label'] ) ? stripslashes( $edd_options['agree_label'] ) : __( 'Agree to Terms?', 'edd' ); ?></label>
<input name="edd_agree_to_terms" class="required" type="checkbox" id="edd_agree_to_terms" value="1"/>
remove_action( 'edd_purchase_form_before_submit', 'edd_terms_agreement' );
add_action( 'edd_purchase_form_before_submit', 'sumobi_edd_terms_agreement' );
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