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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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#set seed for replicability
#generate 10^3 deviations, 10^6 replicates
w = replicate(10^6, rweibull(10^3, 0.9, 1))
#recall Weibull is subexponential when shape parameter is < 1.
#animate histogram of ratios of max to sum for first n
sums = rep(0, 10^6)
maxs = rep(0, 10^6)
increment = 10
for (n in increment*(1:(1000/increment))) {
start = n-increment+1
end = n
#recalculate sum/max for each trial by adding `increment` new terms
sums = sums + colSums(w[start:end,])
maxs = colMaxs(rbind(w[start:end,], maxs))
print(qplot(maxs/sums, geom="histogram", main=sprintf("Histogram of Max/Sum (n=%d)",n),
xlab="ratio", xlim=c(0,1), ylim=c(0,3e5), binwidth=0.001))
}},"weibull.gif", interval=0.2, ani.width=1000, ani.height=1000)
#Image shows ratio concentrated about 0 as number of terms increases to 1000.
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