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Turn leds on/off on Synology DiskStation

Synology scheduled tasks


Go to Control Panel / Task Scheduler and add the content of these scripts as root scripts.


Codes have been taken from this article.

  • turns leds off
  • turn leds back on

Ex (this is how I use it): turn leds daily at 10PM, turn them back on at 6AM.

printf \\x36 > /dev/ttyS1 # UART2_CMD_LED_POWER_OFF
printf \\x37 > /dev/ttyS1 # UART2_CMD_LED_HD_OFF
printf \\x42 > /dev/ttyS1 # UART2_CMD_LED_USB_OFF
printf \\x4B > /dev/ttyS1 # UART2_CMD_LED_10G_LAN_OFF
printf \\x50 > /dev/ttyS1 # UART2_CMD_LED_MIRROR_OFF
printf \\x34 > /dev/ttyS1 # UART2_CMD_LED_POWER_ON
printf \\x38 > /dev/ttyS1 # UART2_CMD_LED_HD_GS
printf \\x40 > /dev/ttyS1 # UART2_CMD_LED_USB_ON
printf \\x4A > /dev/ttyS1 # UART2_CMD_LED_10G_LAN_ON
printf \\x51 > /dev/ttyS1 # UART2_CMD_LED_MIRROR_GS
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pquerner commented Jan 1, 2016

Nice. ;)

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mikkelnl commented Jun 25, 2016

Hi! This doesn't seem to work on DSM 6 because it changed the way root works, can you expand your script to work on DMS 6 maybe?

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kostasns commented Aug 26, 2016

Works fine for me on DSM 6. Just select user 'root' under General Settings.

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whispy commented Aug 31, 2016

It doesn't work for me on DSM 6 with root selected.

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m11y commented Sep 25, 2016

Doesn't work for on DSM 6.0, device model: DS212j.

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ghost commented Oct 4, 2016

Very cool, thank you

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dstancioff commented Oct 21, 2016

Turns off my Power and status light, but not LAN or USB. DSM 6.0, DS216j

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neddy commented Feb 15, 2017

Hey Guys, thanks for the script, I really appreciate it... I've just found that in DSM there is actually a feature now to completely control the LEDs. It's under 'Control Panel>Hardware & Power>LED Brightness Control' it allows you to completely turn off the LEDs and to set a schedule too... Hopefully this helps someone. Cheers

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Kirdock commented Feb 19, 2017

The setting "LED Brightness Control" does not exist on my NAS. (DS1515+; DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 9).
Does nobody has a solution for LAN LED?

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mornology commented Aug 12, 2017

I have the RS3617xs with DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 1 and the LED options within control panel do not exist. I used the script trick with the DS1515+ but once I updated that system to DSM 6.0 it no longer worked. I tried the script with my RS3617xs but only the power button goes out, not the insanely bright HDD lights.

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mosauter commented Dec 29, 2017

Has anybody tried that with a extension unit? In my case a DX513. Cause the main module has a led control via the website but I seem to be unable to find the settings for the extension...

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vistalba commented Jul 25, 2018

For me only Power, Status and USB works on DS211+ :(
The option to control the LED from Synology itself is only avaiable on newer devices. (DS916+ in my case).

Is there a way also to switch off LAN, DISC1 and DISC2? That would be great for me :)

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johnflan commented Dec 30, 2018

Thanks for this, like some of the people it works for power LEDs etc but not for disk activity LEDs.

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howdey57 commented Jan 1, 2019

Does anyone know the codes to turn off the LAN, DISC1 and DISC2 lights too?


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sniarn commented Feb 17, 2019

Thanks for this. The blue power LED was driving me nuts (ds3617xs).

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neolith commented Aug 12, 2020

Awesome! Thank you so much!

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stevenfoxhound commented Feb 10, 2021

Function code working from Task scheduler script on the DSM or from SSH:

echo 0 >/dev/ttyS1 Power on
echo 1 >/dev/ttyS1 Power off
echo 2 >/dev/ttyS1 Short beep
echo 3 >/dev/ttyS1 Long beep
echo 4 >/dev/ttyS1 Power LED on
echo 5 >/dev/ttyS1 Power LED flash
echo 6 >/dev/ttyS1 Power LED off
echo 7 >/dev/ttyS1 Status LED off
echo 8 >/dev/ttyS1 Status LED on green
echo 9 >/dev/ttyS1 Status LED flash green
echo A >/dev/ttyS1 USBCopy LED flash
echo B >/dev/ttyS1 USBCopy LED off
echo C >/dev/ttyS1 Reset
echo @ >/dev/ttyS1 USBCopy LED on
echo : >/dev/ttyS1 Status LED on orange
echo ; >/dev/ttyS1 Status LED flash orange

You can mix several code together.

echo 48 >/dev/ttyS1 Power LED on + Status LED on green

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