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<!DOCTYPE html>
<style type="text/css">
.options { font-family:"Times New Roman", Times, serif; text-size: 12px; text-color: #A8A8A8; margin: 0px auto; background-color: #E3E3E3;}
.full-height { height: 800px; margin: 0 0; padding: 0 0; width: 800px; }
<script type='text/javascript' src=""></script>
<script type='text/javascript' src="lib/cytoscape.js"></script>
<script type='text/javascript' src="lib/arbor.js"></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>
function onLoad()
// @global
cy = $("#cy").cytoscape(
"nodes": [{"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n0", "weight": 40}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n1", "weight": 19}}, {"classes": "c", "data": {"id": "n2", "weight": 0}}, {"classes": "d", "data": {"id": "n3", "weight": 19}}, {"classes": "e", "data": {"id": "n4", "weight": 4}}, {"classes": "a", "data": {"id": "n5", "weight": 21}}, {"classes": "e", "data": {"id": "n6", "weight": 13}}, {"classes": "a", "data": {"id": "n7", "weight": 6}}, {"classes": "a", "data": {"id": "n8", "weight": 10}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n9", "weight": 6}}, {"classes": "c", "data": {"id": "n10", "weight": 24}}, {"classes": "c", "data": {"id": "n11", "weight": 14}}, {"classes": "e", "data": {"id": "n12", "weight": 11}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n13", "weight": 6}}, {"classes": "e", "data": {"id": "n14", "weight": 24}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n15", "weight": 26}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n16", "weight": 6}}, {"classes": "c", "data": {"id": "n17", "weight": 36}}, {"classes": "a", "data": {"id": "n18", "weight": 7}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n19", "weight": 37}}, {"classes": "c", "data": {"id": "n20", "weight": 28}}, {"classes": "d", "data": {"id": "n21", "weight": 11}}, {"classes": "d", "data": {"id": "n22", "weight": 20}}, {"classes": "e", "data": {"id": "n23", "weight": 7}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n24", "weight": 31}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n25", "weight": 1}}, {"classes": "e", "data": {"id": "n26", "weight": 29}}, {"classes": "d", "data": {"id": "n27", "weight": 31}}, {"classes": "d", "data": {"id": "n28", "weight": 34}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n29", "weight": 40}}, {"classes": "d", "data": {"id": "n30", "weight": 38}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n31", "weight": 17}}, {"classes": "a", "data": {"id": "n32", "weight": 39}}, {"classes": "d", "data": {"id": "n33", "weight": 4}}, {"classes": "c", "data": {"id": "n34", "weight": 38}}, {"classes": "d", "data": {"id": "n35", "weight": 13}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n36", "weight": 15}}, {"classes": "a", "data": {"id": "n37", "weight": 29}}, {"classes": "a", "data": {"id": "n38", "weight": 2}}, {"classes": "d", "data": {"id": "n39", "weight": 35}}, {"classes": "c", "data": {"id": "n40", "weight": 24}}, {"classes": "c", "data": {"id": "n41", "weight": 7}}, {"classes": "e", "data": {"id": "n42", "weight": 24}}, {"classes": "c", "data": {"id": "n43", "weight": 4}}, {"classes": "d", "data": {"id": "n44", "weight": 40}}, {"classes": "a", "data": {"id": "n45", "weight": 19}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n46", "weight": 17}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n47", "weight": 36}}, {"classes": "b", "data": {"id": "n48", "weight": 26}}, {"classes": "a", "data": {"id": "n49", "weight": 18}}],
"edges": [{"data": {"source": "n5", "id": "e0", "weight": 31, "target": "n19"}}, {"data": {"source": "n37", "id": "e1", "weight": 31, "target": "n25"}}, {"data": {"source": "n19", "id": "e2", "weight": 31, "target": "n2"}}, {"data": {"source": "n16", "id": "e3", "weight": 23, "target": "n27"}}, {"data": {"source": "n29", "id": "e4", "weight": 17, "target": "n4"}}, {"data": {"source": "n1", "id": "e5", "weight": 33, "target": "n12"}}, {"data": {"source": "n13", "id": "e6", "weight": 38, "target": "n33"}}, {"data": {"source": "n12", "id": "e7", "weight": 34, "target": "n4"}}, {"data": {"source": "n32", "id": "e8", "weight": 34, "target": "n13"}}, {"data": {"source": "n44", "id": "e9", "weight": 32, "target": "n19"}}, {"data": {"source": "n31", "id": "e10", "weight": 24, "target": "n19"}}, {"data": {"source": "n35", "id": "e11", "weight": 18, "target": "n48"}}, {"data": {"source": "n25", "id": "e12", "weight": 19, "target": "n15"}}, {"data": {"source": "n31", "id": "e13", "weight": 18, "target": "n16"}}, {"data": {"source": "n24", "id": "e14", "weight": 39, "target": "n27"}}, {"data": {"source": "n47", "id": "e15", "weight": 22, "target": "n3"}}, {"data": {"source": "n1", "id": "e16", "weight": 34, "target": "n35"}}, {"data": {"source": "n22", "id": "e17", "weight": 15, "target": "n5"}}, {"data": {"source": "n37", "id": "e18", "weight": 40, "target": "n10"}}, {"data": {"source": "n37", "id": "e19", "weight": 21, "target": "n29"}}]
layout: {
name: "arbor"
panningEnabled: true
.css("background", "white")
//.css("border-color", "black")
<body onload="onLoad()">
<div class="full-height" id="cy">
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