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Created August 26, 2020 18:59
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This is an educational bounty designed to solicit support for the design and development of the workshop called "NEAR 102 -- NEAR for Ethereum Developers"


This bounty is only available to members of RaidGuild.


NEAR is developing workshops to help build awareness and understanding of the platform. The Ethereum development community is a large and capable pool of engineering talent which we intend to attract with this workshop.

This effort is part of a larger educational push happening in the NEAR community including articles, videos, workshops and courses being developed all around the world to help onboard people to NEAR.


NEAR for Ethereum Developers - part 1

ETH-NEAR Rainbow Bridge

NEAR Rainbow Bridge


Several examples of existing workshops for inspiration:


  1. Contributor (that's you!) submits new "intent to develop" to the list of Planned Workshops
  2. Contributor develops workshop (and incorporates feedback from step 5 if available)
  3. Contributor records a demo of the workshop (bonus available for audience feedback!)
  4. Contributor submits workshop artifacts for review
  5. Workshop is approved (or rejected with feedback then back to step 2)

Reward Criteria

  • All workshops must be delivered with a recording of at least one facilitated delivery, with or without an audience

  • Minimum bounty rewards for high quality workshop artifacts (1000 Ⓝ) (see examples linked above under Context)

  • Bonus rewards for very high quality workshop (500 Ⓝ) (see examples linked above under Context)

  • Bonus rewards for attendee feedback (500 Ⓝ) (assuming workshop has been delivered to audience at least once)



The single measure of success of this effort is a transfer of knowledge from you, through NEAR 102 workshop, to future attendees.

The transfer will happen through something like a message that comes across in the workshop and goes something like this (ie. our best guess at the moment):

"I know Ethereum well ... as evidenced by X, Y and Z. When I started learning about NEAR I realized A, B and C were totally different and took me a while to understand, D, E and F were exactly the same while G, H and I were ... " (whatever is true for you)


We expect that you will be pairing for almost the entire duration of this bounty with at least one representative of NEAR.


This will probably take between 3 and 10 hours of your time over the course of 1-2 weeks.


  • Workshop covers subject adequately (assume min 30 mins, no maximum. most workshops will likely be 30-90 mins)
  • Workshop includes artifacts for facilitation (could be slides, repository, talking points, etc)
  • Workshop includes supporting sample code (only if some technical demo is appropriate)
  • Workshop submission includes at least one recording of delivery


  • Workshop is of very high quality (if you would like help defining very high quality, please ask)
  • Workshop includes attendee feedback from actual audience (minimum 10 attendees)


1000 - 2000 Ⓝ

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