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Last active November 1, 2020 14:58
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Design, create and deliver a new workshop: "NEAR works with ..." | Bounty: 1000 - 2000 NEAR


This bounty is only available to members of the NEAR collective and the most active community members.

You can check your eligibility by searching our eligibility database.

If your identity does not appear to be eligible but you believe you should be eligible to pursue this bounty then please submit this request for recognition.


This bounty is intended for educators and workshop authors.

The goal is to create a series of workshops all themed around the idea of what other technologies NEAR may work with.


NEAR is scaling educational efforts including the development of new workshops. These workshops are intended to attract users from other communities to the NEAR platform.


Several examples of existing workshops for inspiration:


  • Identity
    • NEAR works with 3Box Profiles
  • Storage
    • NEAR works with IPFS
    • NEAR works with 3Box Storage
    • NEAR works with Swarm
  • Oracles
    • NEAR works with ChainLink
  • Messaging
    • NEAR works with 3Box Messaging

We are open to other areas of this quickly developing space. One source of inspiration may be portfolio companies of popular authorities like ConsenSys Labs


  1. Contributor (that's you!) submits new "intent to develop" to the list of Planned Workshops
  2. Contributor develops workshop (and incorporates feedback from step 5 if available)
  3. Contributor records a demo of the workshop (bonus available for audience feedback!)
  4. Contributor submits workshop artifacts for review
  5. Workshop is approved (or rejected with feedback then back to step 2)

Reward Criteria

  • All workshops must be delivered with a recording of at least one facilitated delivery, with or without an audience

  • Minimum bounty rewards for high quality workshop artifacts (1000 Ⓝ) (see examples linked above under Context)

  • Bonus rewards for very high quality workshop (500 Ⓝ) (see examples linked above under Context)

  • Bonus rewards for attendee feedback (500 Ⓝ) (assuming workshop has been delivered to audience at least once)


  • Workshop covers subject adequately (assume min 30 mins, no maximum. most workshops will likely be 30-90 mins)
  • Workshop includes artifacts for facilitation (could be slides, repository, talking points, etc)
  • Workshop includes supporting sample code (only if some technical demo is appropriate)
  • Workshop submission includes at least one recording of delivery


  • Workshop is of very high quality (if you would like help defining very high quality, please ask)
  • Workshop includes attendee feedback from actual audience (minimum 10 attendees)


2500 Ⓝ

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