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Last active December 18, 2023 12:31
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Listen for Http Requests with Unity
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Net;
using System.Threading;
public class UnityHttpListener : MonoBehaviour
private HttpListener listener;
private Thread listenerThread;
void Start ()
listener = new HttpListener ();
listener.Prefixes.Add ("http://localhost:4444/");
listener.Prefixes.Add ("");
listener.AuthenticationSchemes = AuthenticationSchemes.Anonymous;
listener.Start ();
listenerThread = new Thread (startListener);
listenerThread.Start ();
Debug.Log ("Server Started");
void Update ()
private void startListener ()
while (true) {
var result = listener.BeginGetContext (ListenerCallback, listener);
result.AsyncWaitHandle.WaitOne ();
private void ListenerCallback (IAsyncResult result)
var context = listener.EndGetContext (result);
Debug.Log ("Method: " + context.Request.HttpMethod);
Debug.Log ("LocalUrl: " + context.Request.Url.LocalPath);
if (context.Request.QueryString.AllKeys.Length > 0)
foreach (var key in context.Request.QueryString.AllKeys) {
Debug.Log ("Key: " + key + ", Value: " + context.Request.QueryString.GetValues (key) [0]);
if (context.Request.HttpMethod == "POST") {
Thread.Sleep (1000);
var data_text = new StreamReader (context.Request.InputStream,
context.Request.ContentEncoding).ReadToEnd ();
Debug.Log (data_text);
context.Response.Close ();
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TenebreGaming commented Dec 18, 2023

ThatOtherVRGuy Check out the IPManager class in this thread on StackExchange. It will grab the IP address for you.

You can also bind to ip address (localhost) or simply or use a wildcard (though it's not always a good thing to bind to all IP addresses on a system.)

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I would also like to comment on the topic of treads vs. coroutines. Coroutines are great for in-game things that you can guarantee will happen quickly and/or can be sliced neatly into sections to spread across frames. The nature of HTTP, however, cannot guarantee any sort of timing and from my experience should generally be done in a separate thread. This, of course, does depend a lot on what you're doing with it.

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