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Kendo UI - "Template Loader" - improved !
This defines a Global object to serve loading external templates.
It handles multiple "Templates" (Or "Views") loading,
by operating on an array of JSON objects of type {path: "path to file", tag: "script's tag to attach to dom"}
This way-
you can load multiple templates, each with it's own tag so they can be referenced seperatly,
templates can be written in a much "cleaner" manner - as they are not wrapped by a "script" tag, IDE's will recognize the html.
A single event is raised after template loading has completed (loading & attach to DOM)
call "loadExtTemplates" on your array.
var templatesLoader = (function($,host){
* Name: rec_loadExtTemplates
* Params:
* arr (JSON-Array): array of {path:"...", tag:".."}
* acc (string): accumulator
* What do I Do ?
* Recursively traverse the JSON-Object array,
* for each object
* - try to "get" the template from path
* - if success
* - process a result (bound the result in <script> tag)
* - append result to accumulator
* - test if recursion end
* - true - attach accumulator to "body" and trigger an event.
* - false - call recursively on smaller array.
var rec_loadExtTemplates = function(arr, acc) {
var cur = $(arr).eq(0)[0];
$.get(cur.path, function (result) { // On Success (done)
result = "<script id=\"" + cur.tag + "\" type=\"text/x-kendo-template\">".concat(result).concat("</script>");
acc += result;
arr = $(arr).slice(1);
if(arr.length) {
rec_loadExtTemplates(arr, acc);
} else { // we're done
// Uncomment for debug:
.done(function() {
.fail(function(err) {
alert("AN ERROR OCCURED: \"" + cur.path + "\" returned with status of \"" + err.statusText + "\"");
* Name: loadExtTemplates
* Params:
* templatesArray (JSON-Array): array of JSON-Object each with format: {path:"<path to template", tag:"<unique tag for template>"}
* What do I Do ?
* Loads external template from path and injects in to page DOM
* Template will be injected in a <script type="text/x-kendo-template"> tag, and selected id value.
* browser does not run scripts with unknown types - thus it will not run this injected script !
return {
loadExtTemplates: function (templatesArray) {
rec_loadExtTemplates(templatesArray, "");
})(jQuery, document);

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btbjosh commented Oct 16, 2014

When using this I am getting "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < " but everything seems to load properly... Any ideas?


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btbjosh commented Feb 10, 2015

Turns out my template was bombing a JSON parse that I was executing on a AJAX response error handler. Fixed. Thanks for the Gist.


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toddler4372 commented Apr 27, 2016

Thanks for the gist. Can you provide an example of the markup in the html file that would reference and pull the template?


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Guzme commented Apr 28, 2016

Can you provide an example of the markup in the html file that would reference and pull the template?

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