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Stream email attachments to S3 using Mailgun, node.js


1. Mailgun setup

First define a Mailgun Route using the store action:

Filter Expression: match_recipient("save@YOUR_DOMAIN")
Action: store(notify="YOUR_ROUTE")

We could forward the email directly to the handler, however this approach allows us to verify the email prior to doing anything with the attachments.

2. Express setup

See email.js.

var _ = require('underscore')
var assert = require('assert')
var async = require('async')
var connectBusboy = require('connect-busboy')
var express = require('express')
var request = require('request')
var Uploader = require('s3-streaming-upload').Uploader
var server = module.exports = express()
var parser = connectBusboy({
immediate: true,
files: 0
}), [parser], postEmail)
function postEmail(req, res) {
parse(req.busboy, function(err, _res, body){
if (err) throw err
if (_res.statusCode !== 200) throw new Error('unable to retrieve message')
var msg = JSON.parse(body)
console.log('saving work for ' + msg.sender + '...')
upload(msg, function(err, attachments){
if (err) throw err
console.log('work saved')
return res.send({ attachments:, function(a){ return a.location }) })
function parse(busboy, callback) {
var url
.on('error', function(err){
return callback(err)
.on('field', function(name, value){
if (name !== 'message-url') return
url = value
.on('end', function(){
if (!url) return callback(new Error('message url does not exist'))
return request.get(url, callback).auth('api', YOUR_MAILGUN_API_KEY, false)
function upload(msg, callback) {
var tasks
try {
assert(_.isObject(msg), 'message must be an object')
assert(_.isArray(msg.attachments), 'message must have an attachments array')
tasks =, function(attachment){
return async.apply(uploadAttachment, attachment)
} catch (ex) {
return callback(ex)
return async.parallel(tasks, callback)
function uploadAttachment(attachment, callback) {
var readStream
var options
try {
assert(_.isObject(attachment), 'must have an attachment')
assert(_.isString(attachment.url), 'attachment must have a url')
assert(_.isString(attachment['content-type']), 'attachment must have a content type')
assert(_.isString(, 'attachment must have a name')
readStream = request.get(attachment['url']).auth('api', YOUR_MAILGUN_API_KEY, false)
options = {
accessKey: YOUR_AWS_KEY,
objectParams: {
ACL: 'public-read',
ContentType: attachment['content-type']
stream: readStream
} catch (ex) {
return callback(ex)
new Uploader(options)
.on('completed', callback)
.on('failed', callback)
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