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Beaker job: Fedora host, Fedora docker container
<job retention_tag="scratch">
<whiteboard>Run test in docker - Fedora host/guest</whiteboard>
<recipeSet priority="Normal">
<recipe kernel_options="" kernel_options_post="" ks_meta="contained_harness selinux=--disabled" role="None" whiteboard="">
<autopick random="false"/>
<watchdog panic="ignore"/>
<repo name="restraint" url=""/>
<distro_family op="=" value="Fedora20"/>
<distro_variant op="=" value="Fedora"/>
<distro_name op="=" value="Fedora-20"/>
<distro_arch op="=" value="x86_64"/>
<system_type value="Machine"/>
<task name="/restraint/true" role="None">
<fetch url="git://"/>
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