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Last active Oct 18, 2019
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CustomURL: Launch app if app is installed, else open an alternate URL (iOS all browsers)
<script type="text/javascript">
var timer;
var heartbeat;
var lastInterval;
function clearTimers() {
window.addEventListener("pageshow", function(evt){
}, false);
window.addEventListener("pagehide", function(evt){
}, false);
function getTime() {
return (new Date()).getTime();
// For all other browsers except Safari (which do not support pageshow and pagehide properly)
function intervalHeartbeat() {
var now = getTime();
var diff = now - lastInterval - 200;
lastInterval = now;
if(diff > 1000) { // don't trigger on small stutters less than 1000ms
function launch_app_or_alt_url(el) {
lastInterval = getTime();
heartbeat = setInterval(intervalHeartbeat, 200);
document.location = 'myapp://customurl';
timer = setTimeout(function () {
document.location = '';
}, 2000);
$(".source_url").click(function(event) {

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@matan23 matan23 commented Sep 4, 2014



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@cweekly cweekly commented Oct 15, 2014

In iOS8 Safari this doesn't seem to dodge the dreaded "invalid address" warning. Any updates or tips here would be fantastic. As far as I can tell, a reliable solution for this is not (yet?) known in the wider webdev community. It'd be a pretty valuable contribution, imho. Thanks in advance for any help! :)


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@tildedave tildedave commented Dec 31, 2014

@cweekly Belatedly:

I am implementing this as its own page on my subdomain that is opened for the desired page with a normal a link that specifies target=_blank. The timeout then has a window.close() in it.

window.location.href = deepLink;

var now = new Date().valueOf();
setTimeout(function() {
    if (new Date().valueOf() - now < 100) {
        window.location.href = installAppLink;

}, 1000);

This seems to get around the issues with 'invalid address' as the window will be automatically closed - users may still see it for a brief second. Also this isolates the awful ios hackery to one page on the site.

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