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public class PriorityThreadPoolExecutor extends ThreadPoolExecutor {
public PriorityThreadPoolExecutor(int corePoolSize, int maximumPoolSize, long keepAliveTime,
TimeUnit unit, ThreadFactory threadFactory) {
super(corePoolSize, maximumPoolSize, keepAliveTime, unit,new PriorityBlockingQueue<Runnable>(), threadFactory);
public Future<?> submit(Runnable task) {
PriorityFutureTask futureTask = new PriorityFutureTask((PriorityRunnable) task);
return futureTask;
private static final class PriorityFutureTask extends FutureTask<PriorityRunnable>
implements Comparable<PriorityFutureTask> {
private final PriorityRunnable priorityRunnable;
public PriorityFutureTask(PriorityRunnable priorityRunnable) {
super(priorityRunnable, null);
this.priorityRunnable = priorityRunnable;
* compareTo() method is defined in interface java.lang.Comparable and it is used
* to implement natural sorting on java classes. natural sorting means the the sort
* order which naturally applies on object e.g. lexical order for String, numeric
* order for Integer or Sorting employee by there ID etc. most of the java core
* classes including String and Integer implements CompareTo() method and provide
* natural sorting.
public int compareTo(PriorityFutureTask other) {
Priority p1 = priorityRunnable.getPriority();
Priority p2 = other.priorityRunnable.getPriority();
return p2.ordinal() - p1.ordinal();
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