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@amitu amitu/gist:3235949
Created Aug 2, 2012

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django based mini framework, proposal 1
from amitu import d
# key advantages:
# 1. single file app
# 2. still fully compatible with existing django projects
# 3. auto matic url regex creation
# 4. all frequently used django functions/classes collected in d.* namespace
# Note: not yet sure if all of this is possible :-p
d( # callable modules are magic. some magic is good.
DEBUG = True,
urls = (
("^admin/", d.include("django.contrib.auth")),
INSTALLED_APPS = ("django.contrib.admin", "foo"),
TEMPLATES_DIR = [d.dotslash("templates")],
regexers = {
"domain": regex_for_domain,
from foo.models import Foo # define custom models in as usual
@d("/", name="index") # named url
def index(request):
return "index.html", {} # {} optional
@d # equivalent of @d("/whoami/")
def whoami(request):
return d.HttpResponse("amitu")
@d("/<username>/", "/user/<username>") # both urls point to same view
def user(request, username):
if request.path.startswith("/user/"):
return d.HttpResponseRedirect("/%s/" % username)
# lots of django helpers available with d.something
foo = d.get_object_or_404(Foo, username=username)
return "user.html", {"foo": foo}
# things in <> can have type too, sytax is <type:name>
@d("/blog/<int4:year>/<word:month>/<int2:day>/<slug:title>/") # auto regexes
def blog_post(request, year, month, day, title):
@d("/domain/<domain:site>") # custom types can be defined in setting call
def show_domain(request, site):
@d("/do-something", template="some-form.html") # fhurl integrated
class SomeForm(d.RequestForm):
somefield = d.forms.CharField()
def save():
if __name__ == "__main__":
d("runserver", 8000, host="foo") # can also read host:port from sys.argv

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amitu commented Aug 3, 2012

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