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"type": "project_update",
"timestamp": 1326467500573,
"args": {
"id": "$1326467493134",
"name": "Test new",
"item_order": 5,
"color": 2

"type": "project_update", #type of requisition, update
"timestamp": 1326467500573, #timestamp of when the requisition was made (to avoid duplicated requests)
"args": {
"id": "$1326467493134", #some temporary id, that will be replaced at the response of this request through the filed "TempIdMapping"
"name": "Test new", #updated name
"item_order": 5, #updated order
"color": 2 # updated color

The main question is: Where does this request know which is the project that the server should update? Does the request should provide a parameter, called "id", to indicate this?

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