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AmosGwa amosgwa

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amosgwa / N-Queens.hs
Last active Nov 9, 2017
Finding NQueens written in Haskell
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-- Haskell NQueens
-- Name: Amos Gwa
-- Date: 22 November 2016
import Data.List
-- The position of the queens will be unique per row
-- because there will be no two queens in the same columns.
-- For example, this n = 4 with configuration of [1,2,3,4] is
-- Q X X X
-- X Q X X
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function Node(data) { = data;
this.parent = null;
this._left = null;
this._right = null;
function biTree(data) {
var node = new Node(data);
this._root = node;
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//Create Nodes class
function node(data,child){ = data;
//Array of nodes
this.child = child;
this.visited = false;
//print the child
node.prototype.print = function(){

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