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Django 2.0 support
Replace django.core.urlresolves with django.urls
(In Django 2.0) The django.core.urlresolvers module is removed
in favor of its new location, django.urls.
It was deprecated in Django 1.10:
Add py35dj20 job to test Django 2.0 integration.
Also drops older Django unit tests from tox.ini
as horizon dropped Django <=1.10 support in Rocky.
grep 'from django.core.urlresolvers import' **/*.py
sed -i -e 's/from django.core.urlresolvers import/from django.urls import/' **/*.py
grep 'from django.core.urlresolvers import' **/*.py
grep 'from django.core import urlresolvers' **/*.py
sed -i -e 's/from django.core import urlresolvers/from django import urls/' **/*.py
sed -i -e 's/urlresolvers\./urls\./' **/*.py
grep urlresolvers **/*.py
+ - horizon-openstack-tox-py35dj20:
+ required-projects:
+ openstack/horizon
+basepython = python3.5
+commands =
+ pip install django>=2.0,<2.1
+ {[unit_tests]commands}
tox -e py35dj20 --notest -r
.tox/py35dj20/bin/pip install -e ../horizon
tox -e py35dj20
tox -e py35 --notest -r
.tox/py35dj20/bin/pip install -e ../horizon
tox -e py35
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