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2016-12-18 19:18:05.535 W2GMD-13 R KG6FIY-9>SSTYXR,RS0ISS*:`.]cl!)[/>"4)}CQ de Endaf DM03=
2016-12-18 19:18:09.450 W2GMD-13 R KO6TZ>APRS,RS0ISS*,ARISS::BLNQSL1/1:RS0ISS,W5SAT-6,KK6OTJ-7,KG6FIY-9,SUNSET,KK6CUS-7
2016-12-18 19:18:21.162 W2GMD-13 R W5SAT-6>APWW10,RS0ISS*:>DM26kc/- Base Station - TS-2000
2016-12-19 01:47:12.692 W2GMD-13 R W5SAT-6>APWW10,RS0ISS*::WD9EWK-9 :Hello Patrick de W5SAT
2016-12-19 01:47:18.623 W2GMD-13 R AE7PK-7>TRQRVR,RS0ISS*:`2KUl#A[/`":p}Hello via ISS from Talent, Oregon! CN82_
2016-12-19 01:47:27.368 W2GMD-13 R WD9EWK-9>APK004,RS0ISS*::AE7PK-7 :Hi from DM43 in AZ. QSL? {1
2016-12-19 01:47:33.564 W2GMD-13 R KG6FIY-9>SSURVQ,RS0ISS*:`.'nl"x[/>"45}CQ de Endaf DM03=
2016-12-19 01:47:41.009 W2GMD-13 R KG6FIY-9>SSURVQ,RS0ISS*:`.'pl"t[/>"4&}CQ de Endaf DM03=
2016-12-20 00:55:35.012 W2GMD-13 R WD9EWK-9>APK004,RS0ISS*::NP4JV-9 :Hi from DM43 in AZ. QSL? {0
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