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Created April 5, 2016 12:04
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Zen of Metakgp
Together is better than alone
But beware, for groups cannot be blamed
Consensus trumps authority
And should be won by argument
Surround yourself with your betters
And strive to best them
Ignore what is commonly accepted
Change is wrought through defiant perfection
But shipping beats perfection, every time
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amrav commented Apr 6, 2016

Sometimes what you intend to mean, isn't the same thing as what it ends up meaning (to most people). For example, what you're talking about sounds more like sweat the details, but I thought notice what is commonly overlooked is a heuristic for generating new ideas - by looking at frequently neglected areas, you're likely to find high impact projects. The way in stocks, you would advise someone to notice what is commonly undervalued.

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