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status 2016 02 27 - first post. WIP.
The objective is to:
- either scan an artifact using something like a or d/l an existing 3d model of an artifact from a place \
like which is appropriate to a 3d printed output
- undertake some magical process which the development of this gist will discover
- end up with an alternative digial representation of the artifact which may be used with an x-carve or similiar milling machine\
to create a physical example of the artifact using a reductive manufacturing technique.
grab the file as an .stl
put into meshmixer and edit it to get the physical sizes you need using the edit tools.
for instance, if you have a 65mm z height restriction, you can crush it down to fit into that box
save it as a new .stl
open the .stl in memento, and export it as a obj (quads)
unless there is an issue, use an 8k quad target size
open fusion 360
save the new project/build
make sure units are in cm
click on the root and say do not save timeline: this allows you to insert mesh
using top box, insert mesh, makiing sure to use cm as units also here
move the mesh to align it with the grid and lay it flat so facing upwards toward top
add a plane and lift it 65mm off of grid to ensure the z-axis fits;
if you want you can build a work area sized box to ensure the piece will fit overall
convert to t-spline
make any edits to mesh required
convert to body
make any boolean edits required
go into CAM
setup and run to generate g-code. There is a lot here and I will elaborate upon experimentation.
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