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DCPU16 obfuscator/trick showcase/interpreter acid test.
; Code Obfuscator
; The loader has nice properties shorter versions don't:
; 1. doesn't touch registers or stack
; 2. can be based anywhere via 'set a,stub'
; 3. exercises interpreters ;)
:stub xor [begin],0x5eed
mul [2+a],25173 ; Grogono LCG
add [2+a],13849
add [1+a],1
ifg end,[1+a]
set pc,a
; The obfuscated code should toggle a between 0 and 0xFFFF, forever.
; (Unless the assembler or interpreter are buggy.)
:begin dat 0xdaee
dat 0xf121
dat 0x5124
dat 0x0ea3
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