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amtwo/Tabs-vs-Spaces-Test Secret

Last active Feb 12, 2018
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Test to see how much space is saved by using tabs over spaces
## If there are four spaces, replace them with tabs
Get-ChildItem "C:\temp\Tabs-vs-Spaces\tabs" *.sql -recurse | ForEach {
(Get-Content $_.FullName | ForEach {$_ -replace " ", " "}) | Set-Content $_.FullName
## If there are tabs, replace them with four spaces
Get-ChildItem "C:\temp\Tabs-vs-Spaces\spaces" *.sql -recurse | ForEach{
(Get-Content $_.FullName | ForEach {$_ -replace " ", " "}) | Set-Content $_.FullName
## Check the size of the folders, in bytes
$tabsTotalSize = Get-ChildItem "C:\temp\Tabs-vs-Spaces\tabs" *.sql -recurse | Measure-Object -property length -sum
$spacesTotalSize = Get-ChildItem "C:\temp\Tabs-vs-Spaces\spaces" *.sql -recurse | Measure-Object -property length -sum
Write-Host "*******************************************************"
Write-Host "Total size of TABS folder: $($tabsTotalSize.Sum)"
Write-Host "Total size of SPACES folder: $($spacesTotalSize.Sum)"
Write-Host "Spaces are $(($spacesTotalSize.Sum/$tabsTotalSize.Sum).ToString("P")) the size of tabs"
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