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@amw amw/assets.rake
Created Jan 1, 2016

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Capistrano task to verify that asset digests are the same on all hosts
# lib/capistrano/tasks/assets.rake
require "concurrent/hash"
# This task tests that hash digests of generated JS and CSS files are the same on every
# asset server. This should always be the case if Sprockets and Uglifier do their job
# well, but I've once had a problem with that. Once bitten, twice shy.
# We do not send compiled CSS&JS files to our asset servers, instead we're asking the
# servers to compile and minify them from source. If the process varies between servers
# and the files come out with different hash digests then one web server might send users
# to files that do not exist on the other causing 404 HTTP errors.
# See this issue for more details:
namespace :deploy do
desc "Verifies that asset digests match on all hosts"
task :verify_manifests do
results =
on release_roles(fetch(:assets_roles)) do |host|
path = detect_manifest_path
digest = capture :ruby,
"-r", "json",
"-r", "digest",
"-e", "'manifest = JSON.load('",
"-e", "'items = manifest[\"assets\"].values.join(\"\\n\")'",
"-e", "'puts Digest::SHA256.hexdigest items'",
results[host.hostname] = digest
next if results.size < 2
next if results.values.uniq.size < 2
msg = "Generated assets differ between hosts"
warn msg
raise msg
after "deploy:normalize_assets", "deploy:verify_manifests"
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