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from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from urlparse import urljoin
from . import Extension
from ..treeprocessors import Treeprocessor
class AbsoluteImagesExtension(Extension):
""" Absolute Images Extension """
def __init__(self, configs=[]):
self.config = {
'base_url': [None,
"The base URL to which the relative paths will be appended"],
for key, value in configs:
self.setConfig(key, value)
def extendMarkdown(self, md, md_globals):
absolute_images = AbsoluteImagesTreeprocessor(md)
absolute_images.config = self.getConfigs()
md.treeprocessors.add("absoluteimages", absolute_images, "_end")
class AbsoluteImagesTreeprocessor(Treeprocessor):
""" Absolute Images Treeprocessor """
def run(self, root):
imgs = root.getiterator("img")
for image in imgs:
if self.is_relative(image.attrib["src"]):
image.set("src", self.make_external(image.attrib["src"]))
def make_external(self, path):
return urljoin(self.config["base_url"], path)
def is_relative(self, link):
if link.startswith('http'):
return False
return True
def makeExtension(configs=[]):
""" Return an instance of the AbsoluteImagesExtension """
return AbsoluteImagesExtension(configs=configs)
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