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A hydra for js2-refactor in emacs
(defhydra js2-refactor-hydra (:color blue :hint nil)
^Functions^ ^Variables^ ^Buffer^ ^sexp^ ^Debugging^
[_lp_] Localize Parameter [_ev_] Extract variable [_wi_] Wrap buffer in IIFE [_k_] js2 kill [_lt_] log this
[_ef_] Extract function [_iv_] Inline variable [_ig_] Inject global in IIFE [_ss_] split string [_dt_] debug this
[_ip_] Introduce parameter [_rv_] Rename variable [_ee_] Expand node at point [_sl_] forward slurp
[_em_] Extract method [_vt_] Var to this [_cc_] Contract node at point [_ba_] forward barf
[_ao_] Arguments to object [_sv_] Split var decl. [_uw_] unwrap
[_tf_] Toggle fun exp and decl [_ag_] Add var to globals
[_ta_] Toggle fun expr and => [_ti_] Ternary to if
[_q_] quit"
("ee" js2r-expand-node-at-point)
("cc" js2r-contract-node-at-point)
("ef" js2r-extract-function)
("em" js2r-extract-method)
("tf" js2r-toggle-function-expression-and-declaration)
("ta" js2r-toggle-arrow-function-and-expression)
("ip" js2r-introduce-parameter)
("lp" js2r-localize-parameter)
("wi" js2r-wrap-buffer-in-iife)
("ig" js2r-inject-global-in-iife)
("ag" js2r-add-to-globals-annotation)
("ev" js2r-extract-var)
("iv" js2r-inline-var)
("rv" js2r-rename-var)
("vt" js2r-var-to-this)
("ao" js2r-arguments-to-object)
("ti" js2r-ternary-to-if)
("sv" js2r-split-var-declaration)
("ss" js2r-split-string)
("uw" js2r-unwrap)
("lt" js2r-log-this)
("dt" js2r-debug-this)
("sl" js2r-forward-slurp)
("ba" js2r-forward-barf)
("k" js2r-kill)
("q" nil)

@anachronic would you like to submit a PR with this hydra to js2-refactor?


anachronic commented Jul 8, 2017

Sure, I'm just not sure about where I should include it. I'll do it over the weekend

dakra commented Jul 21, 2017

Imho including it in the README is best.. We probably don't want hydra as an added dependency?!

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