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anacondaq / ro clients mirrors
Created Nov 2, 2022
RO Clients mirrors 22 dec 2018
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Original link:
anacondaq / microsoft_edge_uninstaller_21h1_ltsc.bat
Created Sep 16, 2022 — forked from ishad0w/microsoft_edge_uninstaller_21h1_ltsc.bat
Microsoft Edge Uninstaller [Windows 10 LTSC 2021/21H1 Edition]
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@echo off
@title Microsoft Edge Uninstaller [Windows 10 LTSC 2021/21H1 Edition]
goto check_admin_permissions
echo Script must Run as Administrator! Detecting permissions...
net session >nul 2>&1
if %errorLevel% == 0 (
View cashshop_ui_itemid_as_currency.diff
diff --git a/conf/battle/items.conf b/conf/battle/items.conf
index be5e6448d..ce1e6c1de 100644
--- a/conf/battle/items.conf
+++ b/conf/battle/items.conf
@@ -141,3 +141,11 @@ min_shop_buy: 1
// Minimum sell price of items at a normal shop
// Officially items can be sold for 0 Zeny
min_shop_sell: 0
+// Instead of Cashpoints in Cashshop UI (interface)
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* Called when attemting to unequip an item from player
* type: @see enum pc_unequipitem_flag
* Return:
* 0 = fail
* 1 = success
static int pc_unequipitem(struct map_session_data *sd, int n, int flag)
int i, iflag;
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anacondaq / mob.c
Created Oct 27, 2016
announce to all connected to the game members when MVP spawned on the map (need to edit mvp_spawndelayed function) here is complete mvp_spawnedelayed function.
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* mob spawn with delay (timer function)
int mob_delayspawn(int tid, unsigned int tick, int id, intptr_t data)
struct block_list* bl = map_id2bl(id);
struct mob_data* md = BL_CAST(BL_MOB, bl);
if( md )