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Created January 9, 2020 03:44
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noaliases off
allexport off
noalwayslastprompt off
alwaystoend on
appendcreate off
noappendhistory off
autocd on
autocontinue off
noautolist off
noautomenu off
autonamedirs off
noautoparamkeys off
noautoparamslash off
autopushd on
noautoremoveslash off
autoresume off
nobadpattern off
nobanghist off
nobareglobqual off
bashautolist off
bashrematch off
nobeep off
nobgnice off
braceccl off
bsdecho off
nocaseglob off
nocasematch off
cbases off
cdablevars off
chasedots off
chaselinks off
nocheckjobs off
noclobber off
combiningchars off
completealiases off
completeinword on
continueonerror off
correct off
correctall off
cprecedences off
cshjunkiehistory off
cshjunkieloops off
cshjunkiequotes off
cshnullcmd off
cshnullglob off
nodebugbeforecmd off
dvorak off
emacs off
noequals off
errexit off
errreturn off
noevallineno off
noexec off
extendedglob off
extendedhistory on
noflowcontrol on
forcefloat off
nofunctionargzero off
noglob off
noglobalexport off
noglobalrcs off
globassign off
globcomplete off
globdots off
globstarshort off
globsubst off
nohashcmds off
nohashdirs off
hashexecutablesonly off
nohashlistall off
histallowclobber off
nohistbeep off
histexpiredupsfirst on
histfcntllock off
histfindnodups off
histignorealldups off
histignoredups on
histignorespace on
histlexwords off
histnofunctions off
histnostore off
histreduceblanks off
nohistsavebycopy off
histsavenodups off
histsubstpattern off
histverify on
nohup off
ignorebraces off
ignoreclosebraces off
ignoreeof off
incappendhistory on
incappendhistorytime off
interactive on
interactivecomments on
ksharrays off
kshautoload off
kshglob off
kshoptionprint off
kshtypeset off
kshzerosubscript off
nolistambiguous off
nolistbeep off
listpacked off
listrowsfirst off
nolisttypes off
localloops off
localoptions off
localpatterns off
localtraps off
login on
longlistjobs on
magicequalsubst off
mailwarning off
markdirs off
menucomplete off
monitor on
nomultibyte off
nomultifuncdef off
nomultios off
nonomatch off
nonotify off
nullglob off
numericglobsort off
octalzeroes off
overstrike off
pathdirs off
pathscript off
pipefail off
posixaliases off
posixargzero off
posixbuiltins off
posixcd off
posixidentifiers off
posixjobs off
posixstrings off
posixtraps off
printeightbit off
printexitvalue off
privileged off
promptbang off
nopromptcr off
nopromptpercent off
nopromptsp off
promptsubst on
pushdignoredups on
pushdminus on
pushdsilent off
pushdtohome off
rcexpandparam off
rcquotes off
norcs off
recexact off
rematchpcre off
restricted off
rmstarsilent off
rmstarwait off
sharehistory on
shfileexpansion off
shglob off
shinstdin on
shnullcmd off
shoptionletters off
noshortloops off
shwordsplit off
singlecommand off
singlelinezle off
sourcetrace off
sunkeyboardhack off
transientrprompt off
trapsasync off
typesetsilent off
nounset off
verbose off
vi off
warncreateglobal off
xtrace off
zle on
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