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Alexander "Ananace" Olofsson ananace

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ananace /
Created Aug 22, 2018
Example configuration for Steam Proton user settings
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
user_settings = {
#logs are saved to $HOME/steam-$STEAM_APP_ID.log, overwriting any previous log with that name
# "WINEDEBUG": "+timestamp,+pid,+tid,+seh,+debugstr,+module",
# "DXVK_LOG_LEVEL": "info",
ananace / 99-better-pa.patch
Created Mar 22, 2018
PA patch for qemu 2.11
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diff --git a/audio/audio.c b/audio/audio.c
index beafed209b..6f42a019b0 100644
--- a/audio/audio.c
+++ b/audio/audio.c
@@ -2066,3 +2066,8 @@ void AUD_set_volume_in (SWVoiceIn *sw, int mute, uint8_t lvol, uint8_t rvol)
+int64_t audio_get_timer_ticks(void)
ananace /
Last active Jan 28, 2018
Puppet SSL certs example for Kubernetes

Kubernetes API cert with Puppet CA


  • Create the folder /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/ssl/manual_ca
  • Add the contents of the gist into there
  • Run
  • Deploy the generated cert and private key onto your K8s master.
ananace / PackingExample.cpp
Last active May 6, 2018
Message packing example for libyojimbo, with built-in compression.
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#include <yojimbo.h>
#include <miniz.h>
class PackedMessage : public yojimbo::BlockMessage
enum { MsgType = 0x00 };
template <typename Stream>
bool Serialize(Stream& stream)
ananace / Event.hpp
Created Apr 26, 2016
Simple C#-like event handling in C++11
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#pragma once
#include <functional>
#include <vector>
template<typename... Args>
class Event
typedef std::function<void(Args...)> EventHook;
ananace / gist:de7f30454e99b3952405
Last active Jun 8, 2018
OpenMW Windows Development Environment Setup - Appveyor scripts
View gist:de7f30454e99b3952405

NB; (An updated version of this guide can be found on the wiki)

OpenMW Windows Dev-Env

What you need?

  • Visual Studio 2013 or 2015 (Community edition is enough)
  • MSYSGit or Git for Windows as it's also called (cinst git.install if you have Chocolatey)
ananace / Script
Last active Aug 29, 2015
LD31 Script Interface
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LD31 Script interface documentation

Global properties


Color Colors::Black const
Color Colors::Blue const
View DynamicLinkedList.cpp
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
// Node struct
struct Node {
int data;
Node *next;
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gets.to_i # I don't care about the number :D
gets # Friendships:
direct_friends = {}
indirect_friends = {}
until /Queries/ =~ (data = gets) do # Until it reads the line Queries:
names = data.split # Split on space
# Create entries in the friend dictionaries if they don't exist
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variable = 5

if variable > 4 then
    puts variable.to_s + " is over 4"
    puts "It's exactly five" if variable == 5
elsif variable == 4 then