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Last active August 29, 2015 14:06
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Coding puzzle for Ineight #ui_dev
The requirement is as follows
The app should be a standalone UI app, which can be built on top of Angular js (or any MVC js framework) or ember or any MVC js frameworks
The app should be connected to a twitter api, from which you can get updates from a particular handle (Eg: @rihanna)
When the handle posts a new update, the app should show a notification (without manual efforts) that there is a new tweet and should Display the new tweet within the application.
Feel free to use any css frameworks
It should be grid based
The app should have a ~good~ UI
It can be a single page app
The app should not consider server as its enemy :P
Rest is your imagination
If you run out of imagination you can do POST but its completely your call but we would love to see your imagination
The completed app can be hosted on github / or bitbucket so that all the versions can be tracked (If you are comfortable with GIT). ( If you are using git, the commits and commit messages will be observed )
If you are not comfortable with github or bitbucket then zip it (or rar, if that's your thing)
Example scenario :
When @rihanna posts a new tweet, my app should show a notification that there is a new tweet, and displays the new tweet without reloading the page.
Bonus points:
Responsive app
We love surprises ;)
The beauty of your code, your approach to the problem, design , time, all will be counted as points
Points can be redeemed as offer letters
PS: We know you are smart, so dont use Twitter widget
Good luck!
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