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Created Nov 30, 2015
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"hotScore": 7000.2317695,
"title": "The Government Wants You To Forget It Will Still Collect Your Phone Records in Bulk"
}, {
"hotScore": 6999.22802,
"title": "The RCMP wants more online surveillance power. We should say no."
}, {
"hotScore": 6999.4115961,
"title": "Toyota, one of the auto makers that wants to build self-driving cars: When NASA software engineers evaluated Toyota\u2019s source code in 2010, they found 7,134 violations. Barr checked the source code against MISRA\u2019s 2004 edition and found 81,514 violations."
}, {
"hotScore": 6999.1709228,
"title": "Comcast Tests Net Neutrality By Letting Its Own Streaming Service Bypass Usage Caps | Techdirt"
}, {
"hotScore": 6999.6944063,
"title": "Already not exactly on the public's good side after its slow expansion of usage caps and net neutrality tap dance routine, Comcast is now notifying users in many markets that they'll soon be seeing rate hikes as well"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.4293058,
"title": "Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates Join Forces To Invest in Clean Energy Technology"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.6637803,
"title": "Atari released Pong 43 years ago today"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.1099789,
"title": "Glorious 128GB DDR4 RAM hits the business market"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.3706725,
"title": "Stores are now using facial recognition to catch shoplifters\u2014but they won\u2019t admit to it."
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.6901172,
"title": "Copyright Industry Still Doesn't Understand This Fight Isn't About Money, But Liberty"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.2730089,
"title": "Breakthrough Energy Coalition DreamTeam -- Mukesh Ambani, Marc Benioff, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Ray Dalio, John Doerr, Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, Vinod Khosla, Jack Ma, George Soros, Ratan Tata, Mark Zuckerberg"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.2497392,
"title": "Sweden Government Unwilling to Place Ban on The Pirate Bay"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.7337694,
"title": "Udemy faces criticism for profiting from pirated online courses"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.3243516,
"title": "Cox Can't Describe Rightscorp As \"Extortionists\" and \"Trolls\" During Trial"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.1903193,
"title": "PlayStation 4 gamers' chat to be monitored by anti-terror agents, says Italian minister Andrea Orlando | The move comes after Belgian authorities said Paris attackers could have used it to communicate"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.31693,
"title": "Transmission is coming to Windows! Say good bye to uTorrent malware!"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.0903352,
"title": "Raspberry Pi Zero: a $5 computer"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.9287011,
"title": "NSA shuts down bulk phone surveillance program today: Under the Freedom Act NSA and law enforcement agencies must get a court order to ask telcos like Verizon to enable monitoring of call records of specific people or groups for up to six months"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.0721709,
"title": "A Graphene Microphone Could Pick Up Sounds Far Beyond the Limits of Human Hearing"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.1853311,
"title": "Li-Fi, A New Technology Which Is 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.2518798,
"title": "Pirates Can Now Rip 4K Content From Netflix and Amazon"
}, {
"hotScore": 6998.0281003,
"title": "Bill Gates to create multibillion-dollar fund to pay for R&D of new clean-energy technologies. \u201cIf we create the right environment for innovation, we can accelerate the pace of progress, develop new solutions, and eventually provide everyone with reliable, affordable energy that is carbon free.\u201d"
}, {
"hotScore": 6997.3550889,
"title": "Researcher develops material to create sustainable energy source"
}, {
"hotScore": 6997.3315778,
"title": "Amazon unveils new Prime Air (Delivery) drone prototypes"
}, {
"hotScore": 6997.3047111,
"title": "Amazon and Jeremy Clarkson hint at the future of delivery drones"
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