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Firebase: Creating data if it doesn't exist. This snippet creates a user only if it doesn't already exist.
function go() {
var userId = prompt('Username?', 'Guest');
var userData = { name: userId };
tryCreateUser(userId, userData);
function userCreated(userId, success) {
if (!success) {
alert('user ' + userId + ' already exists!');
} else {
alert('Successfully created ' + userId);
// Tries to set /users/<userId> to the specified data, but only
// if there's no data there already.
function tryCreateUser(userId, userData) {
var usersRef = new Firebase(USERS_LOCATION);
usersRef.child(userId).transaction(function(currentUserData) {
if (currentUserData === null)
return userData;
}, function(error, committed) {
userCreated(userId, committed);

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ghost commented May 13, 2014

This is a comment


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iamchriswick commented Nov 1, 2014

What if the user exists and I want to update the information?


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curtisblackwell commented Jan 18, 2015

@iamchriswick in case you haven't already figured it out (or someone else has the same question), Firebase.transaction() is used to modify data and the first arg is the update function. That means if you leave out the if (currentUserData === null) conditional and just return userData, it would update existing info.


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zipzit commented Jan 18, 2018

The link for Firebase.transaction() displays YOU'RE VIEWING THE LEGACY DOCS. THEY ARE DEPRECATED AS OF MAY 18, 2016. Its not exactly clear on what tools replace it..

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