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Created March 19, 2015 08:18
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DEVICES=$(adb devices | egrep -v 'List of devices' | cut -f 1 | xargs echo)
IFS=' '
echo "Installing emulator hacks"
for DEVICE in $DEVICES; do
adb -s $DEVICE uninstall &>/dev/null
adb -s $DEVICE install -r "src/main/resources/android_emulator_hacks.apk" || exit 1
adb -s $DEVICE shell pm grant no.finn.android_emulator_hacks android.permission.SET_ANIMATION_SCALE
adb -s $DEVICE shell am start -n no.finn.android_emulator_hacks/no.finn.android_emulator_hacks.HackActivity
adb -s $DEVICE shell setprop debug.assert 1
echo "DONE"
#./gradlew --info spoon | tee test.log #
./gradlew connectedAndroidTest | tee test.log || echo "TEST FAILURE"
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