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Last active Mar 20, 2019
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Simple JavaScript code to access the Azure Cognitive Services for Computer Vision
// Basic JavaScript function to submit an image to the Microsoft Cognitive Services API.
// Note: to get this running, you need a valid subscription key. Also, make sure you
// adapt the URL of the service to match the region where you created it (see the TODO comment).
// Microsoft tutorial:
function analyzeButtonClick() {
// Retrieve the user-entered value of the image URL
let sourceImageUrl = $("#inputImage").val();
// Retrieve the user-entered value of the subscription key
let subscriptionKey = $("#subscriptionKey").val();
// Call the processing function, passing the user entered values
// as well as a reference to the output text area element
AnalyzeImage(subscriptionKey, sourceImageUrl, $("#responseTextArea"));
function AnalyzeImage(subscriptionKey, sourceImageUrl, responseTextArea) {
// Request parameters
let params = {
// Choose categories to analyze - see the documentation for reference
"visualFeatures": "Categories,Tags,Description,Faces,ImageType,Color,Adult",
"details": "",
"language": "en",
// ... AJAX call to the Azure Cognitive Service for Computer Vision goes here ...
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