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Created November 27, 2020 10:05
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Properties of the DepthImageVisualizer class for Unity
public class DepthImageVisualizer : MonoBehaviour
public ARCameraManager CameraManager
get => _cameraManager;
set => _cameraManager = value;
[Tooltip("The ARCameraManager which will produce camera frame events.")]
private ARCameraManager _cameraManager;
public AROcclusionManager OcclusionManager
get => _occlusionManager;
set => _occlusionManager = value;
[Tooltip("The AROcclusionManager which will produce depth textures.")]
private AROcclusionManager _occlusionManager;
public RawImage RawImage
get => _rawImage;
set => _rawImage = value;
[Tooltip("The UI RawImage used to display the image on screen.")]
private RawImage _rawImage;
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