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Created August 10, 2021 12:33
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First version of the code to create an anchor in AR Foundation based on the ARRaycastHit.
ARAnchor CreateAnchor(in ARRaycastHit hit)
ARAnchor anchor;
// ... here, we'll place the plane anchoring code!
// Otherwise, just create a regular anchor at the hit pose
// Note: the anchor can be anywhere in the scene hierarchy
var instantiatedObject = Instantiate(_prefabToPlace, hit.pose.position, hit.pose.rotation);
// Make sure the new GameObject has an ARAnchor component
anchor = instantiatedObject.GetComponent<ARAnchor>();
if (anchor == null)
anchor = instantiatedObject.AddComponent<ARAnchor>();
Debug.Log($"Created regular anchor (id: {anchor.nativePtr}).");
return anchor;
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